Dr. Kerstin Eckstein - Ethnologin / Kunsthistorikerin

Dr. Kerstin Eckstein
Mülheim (Deutschland)



Profil von Kerstin Eckstein


Kerstin Eckstein

Born 1965


Kerstin Eckstein is an ethnologist and art historian. She earned her doctorate on the topic of "Cultural Identity and Art", taught at the University of Trier, researched the first postcolonial generation of artists in Nigeria and worked as a curator for exhibitions at the point of intersection between ethnology and art history. In recent years, she has brought abandoned kiosks in Bulgaria back to life as cultural places. Eckstein has been intensively involved in various projects and formats surrounding questions about the impact of art and cultural work in public spaces. She was part of the evaluation team of the artist residency Villa Kamogawa, Kyoto of the Goethe-Institut and, as a result, developed methods for the qualitative evaluation and impact assessment of cultural projects under the umbrella of „Kultur wirkt“.


Preferred methods and work areas



Mental mapping

Biographical interviews

Participatory methods / Projects in public space

Thinking outside the box / working in interdisciplinary teams

Project development



Conception of exhibitions


Bereich der Kompetenzen


Ausstellung, Ausstellungs- und Projektentwicklung, Ausstellungskonzeption, Editorische Arbeit, Kunst, Kuratorin, Museum, Museumsethnologie, Projektentwicklung, Projektevaluierung, Sammlungsrecherchen, Schnittstelle Ethnologie/Kunstgeschichte

Ausstellungsdramaturgie, Ausstellungsästhetik, Fotografie und Repräsentation, Kulturelle Identität, Kunst, Museum



Äthiopien, Bulgarien, Burkina Faso, Deutschland, Frankreich, Indien, Nigeria

Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch